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Miami Lincoln Road Postcard from the 1960s

Old Postcard Of Lincoln Road Facing East – (Pre 1950s)

Here's an old "linen" postcard facing east of the Lincoln Road area back when it was actually a road for vehicles. You can see tons of grassy green areas, apartment buildings, parking spaces and palm trees. Another interesting detail is the 420 Lincoln Road building on the far right. It definitely looks like that building was modified since this image here. Postcard is undated but its definitely pre-1950s.

PHOTOS: Tiny Bikinis, Big Booties, 305 Stickers & More at Best Day Ever September Edition – (86 Photos)

So, the Dream Hotel was on smash yesterday for another edition of Best Day Ever; the September 2014 edition. We some of the same faces and some new ones, but one things for sure, everyone who attended having fun and on heavy Ciroc. YesJulz and NormaNow kept up with the usual and provided nothing by good vibes courtesy of Just Dimy, Reid Waters and more. Plus there were tons of supermodels and pretty lookin' women hanging around and exposing themselves for your viewing pleasure. And we circulated a few 305 stickers around, which are available for purchase by clicking here.

The South Beach Run Club Meet-Ups

Ever dread that afternoon or morning run because you lack that extra motivation? It's ok, it's happened to me more times than a care to recall. Well the South Beach Run Club aims to change that. The club which has been doing these weekly runs for a while now is beginning to gain a following. I've even been invited by friends as word of mouth, which goes to show it's popularity.

Miami Food Tours Takes You Through South Beach – (5 Stars On TripAdvisor)

This Miami Food experience is one of the best and that’s not just my opinion that’s what tripadvisor had to say rating this experience with five stars. Our own Miami Herald even called this the “feast by foot”. We have so much diversity here finding a taste for your taste buds is like spotting a Marilyn Monroe Miami Heat shirt, they’re everywhere and finding one, not a worry. At this amusing tour you won’t go home with an empty stomach and your appetite is in luck because the Miami food tour is right near you all through South Beach and the infamous neighborhoods here. Made by the people for the people, guided walking tours will have you satisfying that stomach of yours with the native chow that everyone in the world wishes they could snag a bite.