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    Rick Ross Is Giving Out Advice In His New Rolling Stone Advice Column

    Rick Ross gets together with Rolling Stone’s Simon Vozick-Levinson to give a few fans some advice in a new “advice column” in Rolling Stone. And not only is it love advice, but its normal topics that young people run into. Read the hilariousness below…...
  • pitbull-cartoon

    Pitbull’s Top Five Favorite Party Songs Ever

    As long as I’ve known Pitbull or seen him in whatever stage of his career, he’s always shown a great diversity in the music he likes and the music that he’s inspired from. Rolling Stone and Rdio caught up with Pit for a quick list of his is favorite...
  • steven-a-clark

    MUSIC :::: Steven A. Clark – Seashore

    “‘Seashore’ is a metaphor for losing someone and just hoping they’d come back. I’m at fault for losing her, yet I long for her to return to me like the waves,” Steven A. Clark explains to Rolling Stone. “I wrote this song while living in a windowless warehouse thinking...
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