old school miami

  • 1890

    1894 Map Of Florida

    We’re about to take it old school, literally. Here’s a map of Florida in 1894. It showsΒ the Tropical Trunk Line : comprising the Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West R’y, the Florida Southern Railroad Co., Indian River Steamboat Company, Jupiter & Lake Worth Railway, Lake Worth steamers, and connections :...
  • Arizona Diamondbacks v Florida Marlins

    Lowest Attended MLB Game Ever, and yes, it involves the Marlins

    On September 8, 1916, the New York Yankees came to Philadelphia to play the hapless Athletics. The fans sitting in Shibe Park for the rain-delayed game were outnumbered by the men in uniform. In fact, when the Yankees were at bat, they had more players on the bench than...
  • miami1956

    1956: Sunbathing Women on Miami Beach

    There’s nothing like laying in the sun, soaking in some rays. Only thing that’s changed since 1956 is the size of the swimwear. Source: Old Florida...
  • 400 espanola

    1980 Miami Beach in black and white [Part II]

    This is what Miami Beach looked like about 32 years ago. Obviously the black and white effect makes it look older than it is but check out these cool photos from Pennsylvania Ave, Collins Ave, Ocean Dr and Espanola Way before all of the hottest nightlife moved in. Photos...
  • y1007

    AUGUST 3, 1973 Γ’β‚¬β€œ Audio of Y100Ò€²s first day on the air

    Y-100 has always been a staple for the Top 40 format. And its crazy that they’ve survived all these years. It signed on August 3, 1973 at 6 a.m. with new call letters WLQY and later changed to WHYI. Y-100 is the longest-running Top 40 CHR station in both...
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