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    Man Drives His Tesla Motors Car From New York To Miami And Back Without Spending Any Money

    Michael Fritts (of Herkimer, New York) drove about 2,600 miles in a Tesla Motors Model S, from New York to Miami without spending one dollar. His Tesla, like all others, is an electric vehicle that uses no gas. So how did he accomplish this? Well, Michael recharged the car...
  • red-velvet

    2013 Best Dessert In Miami – The Red Velvet Concrete At BurgerFi

    A frozen custard is similar to ice cream, except it has the additions of eggs, cream and more sugar. It was invented in Coney Island, New York in 1919, where ice cream vendors Archie and Elton Kohr found that adding egg yolks to ice cream created a smoother texture...
  • Jay Gatch

    Jay Gatch Clothing Presents: XXX.RATED R.18+

    20 year old Jay Gatch has been making quite a stir in the market, especially for the Margiela-inspired “NY” hat (which remains a valuable commodity for its short-lived existence). The factory that Jay Gatch goes for cut and sew pieces is New York, which is why the connection is listed....
  • sf

    Website you should know about:

    “Strictlyfitteds is plural, because one won’t do and two is not enough” – Strictly Fitteds Founded in 2007, is your source for everything new and upcoming in the cap scene. Strictly Fitteds is based out of various locations from Honolulu, New York, L.A and Chicago. These guys are...
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