Janet Jones

  • vixen-workout

    2013 Local Brand Name Of The Year – Vixen Workout

    With crossfit and all kinds of new workout plans popping up left and right, they all start looking the same. Sure enough though, you have their gems with enough character or a interesting angle that it makes you do a double take. Janet Jones (a former Miami Heat dancer)...
  • vixen-workout-concert

    EVENT: The Vixen Workout Concert & Party @ Story Nightclub – 11/16/13

    We’ve been big supporters of the Vixen Workout movement and support what Janet Jones and crew are doing for the art of twerking and to keep our significant others on that regiment. According to them, over 13,000 women have signed up so far to attend one of their many...
  • Vixen Army in NYC

    Vixen Workout: Twerking Their Way To NYC

    Your favorite Twerk Team, the Vixen Army, is expanding. Janet Jones and her Vixen Workout have definitely taken over all of Miami and are now adding more and more classes along the East Coast. Things are getting “so sophisticated” in NYC, now offering up to 4 classes a week...
  • vixenworkout

    EVENT: Vixen Workout 90-Minute Session @ LIV Nightclub – 06/22/13

    We introduced you to the Vixen Workout last week, well, Janet Jones is taking her class and her crew to LIV to run through a unique 90-minute session. Tickets are unfortunatelyΒ sold out, but we’re posting here in case you any of you ladies want to call your “connect” for...
  • vixen-workoout-girls-staff

    Local Spotlight: The Vixen Workout by Janet Jones

    Vixen Workout Taking Miami By Storm The Vixen Workout is a movement that has been buzzing in South Florida for a few months now. It even caught the attention of the Miami Heat. The classes have been expanding all over Dade County. Starting this month, they are starting to...
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