Here Are 5 Old Maps Of Florida From The 1500s, 1600s, 1700s, 1800s and 1900s

Here are five random maps that show Florida (surrounded by Cuba and the Bahamas) in different stages from the late 1500s (above) until about the early 1900s (all the way below). As you can see, the precise shape of the state wasn't even close until the early 1800s and then really started taking actual shape in the mid 1800s. Click below on any of the maps for the full res versions...

Good & Bad News — Amazon To Start Charging Sales Tax For Florida Orders, But This Will Bring $80 Million In Revenue To The State

The party's over folks. The days of no-tax shopping online might soon be coming to an end for all major retailers. Some faster than others as explained below. Amazon has always been that place to get items not only cheaper, but always with a sales tax bypass. But being that Amazon has a couple "fulfillment" centers and a 1.1. million-square-foot warehouse in the works, things are to the point where the company is locked in to a state law that requires stores with a physical presence in the state to collect sales taxes.