• #The305 Video Premiere for Eskeerdo “Hurting Feelings”

    #The305 Video Premiere for Eskeerdo “Hurting Feelings”

      Coming off his video for “For My City”, Eskeerdo releases his video for “Hurting Feelings” directed by DeepSleep Studio and Derick G. The video takes Eskeerdo through a trippy tour of Hialeah….in a chevy. Press play....
  • eskeerdo

    2014 Music Video Of The Year – Eskeerdo – For The City

    We might get a little hate for this one since its a fairly recent video, but all is expected with these Best Of Lists and we stand by it. Eskeerdo had a great year introducing himself to the world as an artist after having an incredible career staying behind...
  • video-eskeerdo-finally-releases-his-video-for-miami-305-anthem-of-the-year-the-city

    VIDEO: Eskeerdo Finally Releases His Video For Miami & 305 Anthem Of The Year…..”The City”

      Reppin’ Dade County to the fullest, Eskeerdo finally releases the long awaited video for “For The City”. The same song that was featured in this epic Lebron Riding Around Miami In A Donk video, and the theme song to the #HeatNation short film that was released before the...
  • artworks-000095528197-124rz4-t500x500

    Eskeerdo – For The City – (the song featured on the #HeatNation Short Film)

    Eskeerdo releases “For The City” after it was debuted back in July when we posted it in that Lebron/Donk video and now with the recent #HeatNation short film. Listen to it below… ———-...
  • Lil-Wayne-Grindin_Eskeerdo_Remix

    MUSIC – Eskeerdo – Grindin’ (Freestyle)

    Eskeerdo keeps the freestyles coming with a new one over “Grindin'” by Lil Wayne and Drake. This should hold us down until Eskeerdo releases his new EP/project that is coming soon. And if you want a preview of that, listen to this very Dade County soundtrack over that LeBron...
  • 00 - Eskeerdo_31_Days-front-large-1

    Don Cannon Co-Signs And Jumps On To Host Eskeerdo’s “31 Days” Mixtape Version

    So. Remember the March Madness campaign we did with Eskeerdo where we premiered a new freestyle every day for the month of March? Well, ATL’s Don Canon just gave it the ultimate  co-sign by jumping to host the mixtape version of the tape which you can hear and download...
  • unnamed-1

    Eskeerdo – 31 Days – (Mixed By DJ Aliyo & K-Razor)

    So to finally recap our 31 day stint with Eskeerdo, here’s a mix put together by DJ Aliyo and K-Razor recapping 31 days of Eskeerdo’s freestyles on It was a dope project that we were happy to be involved in and take a risk with. Eskeerdo is hardworker...

    Eskeerdo – I’m A Thug (Remix)

    Ending it all in 305 style. Our final March Madness entry from Eskeerdo comes by way of Trick daddy’s “I’m A Thug”. Eskeerdo – I’m A Thug (Remix)...
  • unnamed-11

    Eskeerdo – Slow Motion (Remix)

    Day 30. Eskeerdo jumps on Juvenile’s 2004 classic “Slow Motion”, which also featured Souljah Slim. Listen below… Eskeerdo – Slow Motion (Remix)...
  • unnamed-9

    Eskeerdo – Thug Cry (Remix)

    Day 29. Two more days left to go. Eskeerdo. Eskeerdo – Thug Cry (Remix)...
  • unnamed-6

    Eskeerdo – Krakatoa (Remix)

      Ultra begins today and of course this is a perfect opp for Eskeerdo to do an EDM inspired remix. ANd with that said he jumps on Carnage & Junkie Kid’s “Krakatoa”. 3 more days left to go for March Madness with Eskeerdo. Eskeerdo – Krakatoa (Remix)...

    Eskeerdo – The Worst (Remix)

    Day 27…. Eskeerdo – The Worst (Remix)...
  • unnamed

    Eskeerdo – Numbers On The Boards (Remix)

    Day 26. Over Pusha T’s “Numbers On The Boards” Eskeerdo – Numbers On The Boards (Remix)...
  • eskeerdo_birthday_song

    Eskeerdo – Birthday (Remix)

    Day 25… On some 2 Chainz shit. Eskeerdo goes over 2 Chainz & Kanye’s “Birthday”. Eskeerdo – Birthday (Remix)...
  • unnamed-11

    Eskeerdo – Move That Dope (Remix)

    Eskeerdo over Future’s “Move That Dope”, which is produced by Mike Will Made It. Listen below to see what he does with it. Day 24. Eskeerdo – Move That Dope (Remix)...
  • unnamed-9

    Eskeerdo – Sky’s The Limit (Remix)

    Day 23 with Eskeerdo brings us with the classic “Sky’s The Limit” beat by The Notorious B.I.G. Again, another type of flow from Eskeerdo that only shows you his range. Listen below… Eskeerdo – Sky’s The Limit (Remix)...
  • -1

    Eskeerdo – I’m Bout It (Remix)

    Takin’ it back to them No Limit days, Eskeerdo jumps on “I’m Bout It”. This is a slow tempo track and shows us a different flow from Eskeerdo. This is track 22 so we got a little more than a week for the rest of our March Madness campaign...
  • unnamed-4

    Eskeerdo – Tha Block Is Hot (Remix)

    Day 20 and Eskeerdo gets on another classic. “Tha Block Is Hot” by early Cash Money era Lil Wayne. This one is definitely different than the past remixes we heard from Eskeerdo. Listen below… Eskeerdo – Tha Block Is Hot...
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