Ellen Degeneres

  • yeezy-adidas

    Kanye’s New Sneaker With Adidas, the “Yeezy 750 Boost”

    The Adidas “Yeezy 750 Boost.” The countdown to the launch date is currently live via Yeezy.supply. Price is estimated to be around $250-$350 per pair, though that’s unconfirmed. During Ye’s recent appearance on Ellen, he said, “With this Adidas deal, they’ve allowed me a little bit of oxygen. Adidas allowed me to make...
  • justin-bieber-hair-auction

    Justin Bieber’s hair…that’s right, his hair…will be in Miami this Tuesday

    Justin Bieber’s hair in Miami this Tuesday A lock of Justin Bieber’s hair will be making a special debut in South Florida. Wait, that can’t be right. Did we just say Justin Bieber’s HAIR? Let us elaborate. Ellen Degeneres sold Justin Bieber’s hair trimmings for $42,000 on eBay. He...
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