Dade County

  • miami_bass_front-651x604

    Dade Wear Releases Their “MIAMI BASS” Snapback – $30

    Always one to rep Miami and Dade County without even giving it a second thought, the fellas at Dade Wear just released this “Miami Bass” snapback in time for WMC week. If you look closely, its a design of soundwaves that form the word “Miami”. Genius. Click below to...
  • rc11207

    Here’s A Really Great Timeline Of The History Of Dade County & The City Of Miami Starting In 1819

    The University Of Miami has a really really REALLY great timeline of the history of Dade County and the city of Miami (and surrounding areas). Dade County was also included Martin, Palm Beach and Broward counties. And from the date of 1819 when Spain ceded Florida to the United...
  • Mapping out Miami thanks to Lara Stein Pardo’s Vision

    Mapping out Miami thanks to Lara Stein Pardo’s Vision

    So this is beyond awesome and intriguing! Lara Stein Pardo is currently scheming up a way to unveil the Magic City’s artistic depth with a project titled Mapping Miami, which maps and pinpoints sites of historic importance in the city through places artists lived and worked. Quoting HuffPost Miami, Pardo said the reason...
  • miami_marlins_logo_detail

    DEJA VU: Miami Marlins resume another fire sale, Giancarlo reacts…

    Straight off the wire. I think the whole Dade County collectively just shook their head in shame as this news just broke minutes ago. An unconfirmed deal that pretty much gets rid of the whole team and leaves Giancarlo as the pretty much all that’s left. Fire sales seem...
  • vice-squad

    MIAMI MUSIC :::: Vice Squad – Dade County Sh*t

    Smooth, Dade County anthem type track from Miami duo…Vice Squad. Listen below… ********************** Vice Squad – Dade County Sh*t Download: Click Here...
  • Charles-Sieger-House-Dade-County

    The most amazing house in all of Dade County

    The Charles Sieger House In Miami (Homestead) This house is literally a f*ckin’ castle surrounded by water (moat). I used to be involved in the real estate side of things so I’ve seen thousands of houses in Dade, Broward and West Palm. And this one, good lord its amazing....
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