• VIDEO: Denzel Curry & Ruben Slikk X-Mas Freestyles

    Raider Klan’s Denzel Curry and Metro Zu’s Ruben Slikk decided to let loose of some footage featuring a very special set of Christmas freestyles. Hilarious would be an understatement, especially when Slikk decided to switch up to a “Purrp style” around 4:48-4:53, executing the flow of South Florida’s Spaceghostpurrp...
  • MIXTAPE: SDotBraddy – Innovation

    Miami newcomer SDotBraddy was ready to demand his respect from the world with the release of his “Can’t Tell Me Shit” track. Now we are graced with Innovation, which serves as the official debut of the FWAY Nation spitter. Right off the bat, listeners feel a sense of cohesiveness...
  • MUSIC: Nic Goose ft. Sky Lex & Left Brain – Cocaine Cigarettes

    For most, Cocaine Cigarettes will serve as the official introduction to Nic Goose and 2.7.5. Sky Lex. This is necessarily not a bad thing, considering the slickness bestowed in the visuals to the rather remarkable rapping of Left Brain (of MellowHype). This Raider Klan and Odd Future affiliation should...
  • 2 SpaceGhostPurrp Tracks

    To say that SpaceGhostPurrp has been occupied (especially since the name change) would be a complete understatement. Just when you thought the production couldn’t get any better, 2.7.5. Icee (Ice) continues to treat us with a flurry of new tracks via YouTube. The mystic styles of SGP are truly...
  • MUSIC VIDEO: Yung Simmie – Fake Niggaz

    2.7.5 Yung Simmie from Raider Klan provides us with some amusing yet grimy visuals with the track “Fake Niggaz” produced by DJ Smokey. One aspect that continuously separates Raider Klan from other 305-based material is the apparent ‘raw’ delivery with each track. There is no fluff, no gimmicky jewelry,...
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