• we058

    Overhead View Of 5th Street & Alton Road In 1980

    If you’re familiar with this little intersection then you’re probably amazed at how much it has changed in 34 years. Here’s a 1980 bird’s eye photo of the intersection of Alton Road and 5th Street looking east towards the ocean. Courtesy Of @DamageIncorporated /Β Skyscraper City...
  • mariel_393117a_1

    (1980) – Photo Of Refugee In Tent At Orange Bowl Refugee Camp Site

    This is a 1980 file photo of a Cuban refugee taking shelter in a tent set up on the Orange Bowl grounds to accommodate the large influx of refugees to Miami during the Mariel boat lift in the spring and summer of 1980....
  • freedomtower-1980

    1980 Photo Of The Freedom Tower & Biscayne Boulvard

    The photo isn’t of the greatest quality, but it still speaks volumes. Taken in the early 80’s, this shows the Freedom Tower surrounded by those classic neon signs of the good ole’ days. Here you can the Alcazar Hotel (which is no longer in existence) and a Texaco station...
  • Documentary About The History Of Black People In Miami & The Riots Of 1980

    Documentary About The History Of Black People In Miami & The Riots Of 1980

    Many of the younger residents of Miami are losing awareness of the Liberty City & Miami Riots of the year 1980 that occurred as a result of the Arthur McDuffie verdict. The verdict involved the acquittal of four Miami-Dade Police officers in the death of Arthur McDuffie (December 3,...
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