• hialeah-restaurant

    1922 PHOTO – Is This A Photo Of The First Restaurant In Hialeah?

    Not much a caption was attached to this photo, but this could be the first restaurant that was built in Hialeah. The city was founded in 1921 along with the race track so if this photo is from 1922, this could very well be the first restaurant in Hialeah....
  • 2013-0730-CoralGables-Const-1

    1922: Very Weird Photo Of Construction Project/Site On Miami Beach

    This looks like maybe it was a “staged” photo, but the description says its of a construction site on Miami Beach that apparently has some kind of elephant in the mix helping with the construction and for advertisements. (lol). Looks very suspect as far as authenticity, but its good...
  • 90388626.FcQr0yyK.1922_AeromarineAirways_rc02775_425H

    The Bimini Superfast Of 1922 – (lol)

    Here’s a photo of the Aeromarine model 75 flying boat. Each model 75 was a conversion of a Curtiss F-5L or Curtiss H-16 maritime patrol aircraft originally built for the U. S. Navy. Aeromarine West Indies Airways offered these trips to Bimini and the Bahamas during the “prohibition” era. The...
  • rc19419

    1922: The Hialeah Dog Racetrack In Its Year Of Grand Opening

    Top Photo: Greyhounds racing at the Hialeah racetrack – Hialeah, Florida. Now known as the recently opened Hialeah Park Casino at 2200 E 4th Ave Hialeah, FL 33013. (2) Middle Photos: Construction of the Hialeah dog racetrack – Hialeah, Florida. Bottom Photo: Scene from the Hialeah greyhound dog racetrack – Hialeah, Florida...
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