Miami Dade County Zip Code Map

Miami Dade County Zip Code Map by Zones

Miami Dade County Zip Code Map

Here are a few maps that let’s you know all of the zip codes in the Miami-Dade County and Greater Miami area. The map above is broken up into approximately 12 zones (with matching color key) that signify the main areas of the county, but does not show each individual municipality.

Light blue is Miami Beach.

Beige is Northwest Miami.

Blue is Hialeah Gardens.

Red is Hialeah.

Dark Yellow is Opa-Locka / Carol City.

Purple is Southwest Miami.

Light Purple is Coral Gables.

Light Orange is Coconut Grove.

Marine-Blue is Key Biscayne.

Light Yellow is Homestead.

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Other Zip Code Maps

Below you will find two more Zip Codes of Miami-Dade. The first being a more detailed map courtesy of Miami-Dade County’s Planning & Zoning Department that may get a little confusing, but breaks things down a little more vividly.

And for the history buffs and collectors, at the very end you will see an older zip code map of a company selling mailing lists and direct-to-mail services and breaks down their list by zone and by area code.

More Detailed Zip Code Map Of Miami-Dade County

Older Zip Code Map of Miami-Dade County (Black & White)