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Interviews and features with local Miami people. People from Miami that make the city as beautiful as it is. We feature unique and hardworking people that deserve for a part of their story to be put out there for Miami and the world to see.

YesJulz: Her Snapchat Takeover & The Launch Of #YesJulzTV

So, everyone knows Snapchat as the ultimate secret dirty picture-sending platform. With the recent updates of Snapcash, the added “Discover” feature which shares videos and stories from outside publishers such as Vice, Comedy Central, and CNN, as well as people watching their favorite celebrities' and icons' Snapchat stories, it proves that “Le Snap” (as Miami’s own YesJulz likes to call it) is on the come-up to become much more than a late-night vice. Throw all that in the mix along with the new throwback BBM-style Snapghost icon that users can scan to add contacts, rather than typing in usernames, and it’s easy to see the growth Snapchat has already achieved, along with it’s potential as the next big thing as a publishing platform.

Running Enthusiast Frankie Ruiz Helps Miami Get Fit

Frankie Ruiz, chief running officer for US Road Sport and Entertainment Group, is helping introduce a running fever that is taking Miami by storm. Not only did he play a huge part in the development of the Miami Marathon, but he also does so much more to encourage communities in South Florida to get up and get running.