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sketch created on the sktchy app

Miami-Based Sktchy App Makes Art Simple and Fun

Any aspiring artist out there looking to find a muse? Or are you someone who might be looking to become someone’s muse? Look no further than the new Miami-based app Sktchy. Sktchy was created by Jordan Melnick, co-founder of the local blog Beached Miami, who found inspiration for this app through a Miami art project he created called Sktchy Miami.

The Flappy Bird Song….

If you didn't get a chance to download Flappy Bird before it was removed from App stores this weekend, then you can definitely relate to this song. Its t...

The Unwritten Rules Of HotOrNot

Whether you're just catching the HotOrNot flame or you're already a full blown addict, having a knowledge of the unwritten rules will help you take your love game to the NEXT LEVEL. Henceforth, you will be a HotOrNot master, and you'll swap unsuccessful 3 a.m. last stands at some bar for actually pulling off digital love-fueled one-night stands from the comfort of your iPhone. You'll be a shining knight of staying overnight. Or maybe at least when you're bored in your Bushwick apartment watching "Breaking Bad" reruns you'll have a better chance of a successful hook-up?