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Stripper Wars – The First “Art Movie” shot inside of King of Diamonds

When you think strip club, art movie probably does not swing past your mind. Well Giancarlo Loffredo wants to change that with his upcoming film titled Stripper Wars that is going to show you the real art of our King of Diamonds best. This December, the words art film and strip club will sound just right in the same sentence when the film is debuted at the Borsht Film Festival. Giancarlo is making new rules and his display of creativity in his independent film is testament of the unique cultures and subcultures thereof that continue to strive because brave people like Loffredo break the glass ceiling and make sure we watch the green of his creativity fall upon us and inspire us from the unique story he has in store for us this December. Stay updated on any upcoming news from the film and be sure to support the local pushers of culture