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  • s&s-diner

    2014 Best Pancakes In Miami – S&S Diner South

    We'll keep this one pretty brief. If you're into feeling what a 1950s diner feels like then you MUST go to S&S Diner for a wonderful experience....especially for a nice Saturday or Sunday breakfast. ...
  • red-velvet-chicken-and-waffles

    2014 Best Chicken & Waffles In Miami – Red Velvet Chicken & Waffles from Food Junkies

    You’re tired of searching for the latest and greatest Chicken & Waffles in Miami. If you’re like us, we’re always trying to find the bigger and better C&W plate. In comes the Food Junkies food truck and their absolutely scrumptious Red Velvet (success!) Chicken & Waffles with a side...
  • frita-showdown-foodie-event

    2014 Foodie Event Of The Year – The Frita Showdown

    We had a few highlight “foodie” events that went down throughout the year and if you include all the super-expensive Sobe WFF events, then we can go on for days. But some of the highlighted events included Burgerliscious, Eat & Beats, Dine & Drive at The Collection and so...
  • sgt-peppers

    2014 Best Steak Sub In Miami — Sgt. Pepper’s Steaks Subs In Perrine/Palmetto Bay

    The everlasting search for the best steak sub in Miami. So many options and so many sub shops. And rather than give it to Hungry Bear, because we’d honestly give their greasy goodness of a steak sub this nod every single year, we wanted to chuck it up to...
  • bestfries

    2014 Best Fries In Miami – The Five (Technically Eight) Types Of Fries at Burger & Beer Joint

    Okay, so before you go on a hating spree for us choosing Burger & Beer Joint, hear us out. Where else can you go in, sit down and have a choice of five (and technically eight) completely different fries? Let me stop you right there because there are probably...
  • la-granja

    2014 Best Place To Eat In Downtown Miami – La Granja and their super affordable and quality menu

    Downtown is still a rising neighborhood when it comes to culinary excellence, but sometimes you may just want to keep it simple. And simple is the motto over at La Granja. Its basically a Peruvian competitor to our beloved Pollo Tropical. And the downtown location takes their traditional “pollo...
  • lotsoflox-main

    2014 Best Place To Eat In Palmetto Bay – The Original Lots Of Lox Deli

    If you want yourself a quality New York-style Delicatessen in Miami (and or specifically in the South Dade area), then the Original Lots Of Lox is the place for you. Centered in Palmetto Bay near SW 152nd Street and US1, Lots Of Lox is hidden in a faraway corner of...
  • krunchy-krispy-chicken

    2014 Best Late Night Food Spot – “Crack Chicken” aka The Krispy Krunchy Chicken on 14th & Washington

    There are quite a few Krispy Krunchy Chicken locations all over Miami and Broward, but nothing beats the one on 14th And Washington Avenue on South Beach. The locals apparently call it “Crack Chicken” and rightfully so. Located inside a super discreet convenient store with man-sized chicken manikin out...
  • fireman-derek-best-bakery

    2014 Best Bakery In Miami – Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop

    Fireman Derek is a true Wynwood gem and was most definitely one if not THE best thing we’ve discovered in Wynwood all year. At first, he and his pies were undercover and only meant for those that knew. That is, until he opened his bakeshop and cafe on 28th...
  • ms-cheezious

    2014 Best Food Truck – Ms. Cheezious

    The little food truck that could. One of the early food trucks during the Miami food truck boom of the early 2010’s is still pumping out their delicious dishes out to the public. Ms. Cheezious is hands down the best food truck out there and especially for 2014. We’re...
  • jen-selter-honey-of-the-year

    2014 Honey Of The Year – Jen Selter

    Even though we first posted about her in 2013, any Jen Selter post we had on the site easily outperformed that of any other “honey” or “model” traffic-wise. The Instagram and fitness sensation grew from having just under a million followers to now having up to 5 million plus...
  • erika

    2014 New Model Of The Year – Erika Wheaton

    Erika Wheaton was highly sought after as every Instagram photographer’s wanna-be-muse. She started off with a shoot with Alvaro Moser and things pretty much skyrocketed from there. She’s pretty of course with a dynamite body, but her attitude puts her over the top. Plus, two recent developments. She’s starting her...
  • jenniferc

    2014 Model Citizen – Jennifer C. aka “Mai” of Los Pichy Boys

    She’s funny. She can act. She can obviously serve as a model of some sort, I mean look at her. And she can sing pretty darn well. That’s a four-way combo, not including any other hidden talents Ms. Jennifer C has. She’s a regular ole’ Miami girl and is...
  • yovanna

    2014 Instagram Model Of The Year – Yovanna Ventura

    Our little Yovanna is all grow’d up. Rising into fame as being that Miami girl that Justin Bieber was hanging out with for a while earlier this year following his “Miami Beach DIU Arrest”, Yovanna skyrocketed to internet and Instagram stardom. That @yoventura handle has amassed an impressive 1.3...
  • katya

    2014 Body Made For A Bikini – Katya Elise Henry

    Katya Elise Henry is hovering on almost a half a million followers on Instagram. And that’s with good reason. She’s attractive…that we know. But she’s also the unofficial ambassador of the bikini. Not a specifically company, we mean all bikinis. There are about 300 photos on her IG and...
  • xoannamarie

    2014 Booty Of The Year – Anna Marie aka…

    Relatively, not much is known about @xoanna.marie except….dem’ curves doe. She has seemingly shot with all the top photographers in Miami and has been slowly creating these images that have driven all of her followers wild. 5’2″ with a 40-inch waist (specifically 32-22-40). Lawd yeezus. Enjoy the photos below fellas....
  • beefiyaa

    2014 Photo Shoot Of The Year – Anything created by Beefiyaa and Art Crazy Photography

    Although the following examples might be from multiple shoots, we can’t help but feel that Art Crazy Photography and model Bianca (@beefiyaa) should just work on an entire coffee table book of some sort. Everytime they link for a shoot it seems to be magic. Add photo skills by...
  • laurenhanley

    2014 Eye Candy Video Of The Year – Lauren Hanley Gets The WSHH Treatment

    Worldstar has really taken effort to put some quality production behind their Eye Candy videos. The quality and production value has been noted Q! But here we have Lauren Hanley (last year’s new model of the year) in a steamy clip shot in total slow motion with all kinds...
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