Latest in: 2012 Best Of The 305

  • best-of-miami-305 Best Of The305 List for 2012 & Also, Check Our 2012 Video Recap Reel

      Welp, we’re a couple days late as usual, but we finally wrapped up our yearly Best Of The305 list. Click here to read it post by post. We definitely want to thank everyone that supported the site in 2012. We hope 2013, you will continue to grow with...
  • induce

    2012 Artist Of The Year – Induce

    What’s crazy about Induce is that I have always known and followed him for being such a dope DJ/Producer. I mean we’re talking about a decade of seeing Induce at shows and just hearing him through his time with Counterflow Records back in the day. So when emails started...
  • rickross2012

    2012 Album Of The Year – Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Don’t

    2012 was the year for God Forgives I Don’t. Since coming out in 2006, Rick Ross has just gotten better with time. Haters can come in and say what they want about the music or about his personal life, but you can’t deny that this man has some of...
  • flo-rida-wild-ones

    2012 Single Of The Year – Flo Rida featuring Sia – Wild Ones

    Its no secret that Flo Rida is like on top of the world with his sing-song hit singles that just keep taking over the airwaves and selling millions and millions of downloads. Flo started off 2012 with the release of “Wild Ones” which at last check was within the...
  • echoboom

    2012 Non-Hip-Hop Project Of The Year – Cris Cab – Echo Boom

    Cris Cab has broken into the music world capturing young girls hearts, but also impressing music lovers as well. His Cuban heritage streamlined with his Reggae and Island influences creates this unique sound that could only come from The 305. He’s one of our favorite artists and the fact...
  • flightschoolpreps

    2012 Group Of The Year – Flight School Preps

    Flight School Preps started coming out strong in 2012 and they’re definitely young and fresh in the game. They released various mixtapes for the year, with Expensive Dreams catching the most attention. What we like about Flight School Preps is that they truly do have fun with it and...
  • robbbbanks

    2012 Rookie Of The Year – Robb Bank$

    Okay,we’re definitely gonna get a little hate on this one because Robb Bank$ is from Broward. But you know what, we had to cross county lines because Robb is just that dope. Much like last year’s Rookie Of The Year, SpaceGhostPurrp, Robb has taken the internet and Tumblr by...
  • musicvideooftheyear

    2012 Video Of The Year – MMC Da Click “Macaulay Culkin” & Miami Beat Wave “Succeed” – (TIE)

    So which video from a local independent left an impression on us this year? Well, it was hard to sift through a year’s worth of content to make a decision – and we had to narrow it down to two videos – each being great for different reasons. So...
  • joselyn-rivera

    2012 Breakout Artist Of The Year – Joselyn Rivera from NBC’s The Voice

    Seventeen years old, but with the look and voice of a seasoned veteran. South Florida’s Joselyn Rivera stole hearts during her time on this past season of NBC’s The Voice. Starting off in Team Christina, and then stolen by Team Adam. Although she didn’t win the whole shabang, she...
  • davacay

    2012 Mixtape Of The Year – Da Camp – VII Day Vacay

    This one is hard because there were TONS of mixtape releases that were released in 2012. So we know this one might stir some feelings, but its very simple. When we thought which mixtape (not from a major) left an impression on us and stay on deck to be...
  • freestyleoftheyear

    2012 Freestyle Of The Year – “Clique” by Ghostwridah

    Ghostwridah has always been talented, but 2012 he just went beastmode on beats. 2012 was the year that we really got to see Ghost play with his flows on a wider range. And what he did on the “Clique” beat was definitely a fluid example of what he’s bringing...
  • titties

    2012 Most Viewed Music Post – Jaheil’s “Titties” Mixtape

    While this mixtape actually came out in August 2011, throughout the year of 2012, Jaheil’s Titties project gained tens of thousands of pageviews every few weeks. I mean it is called Titties. And if you zoom in to the cover, you do see titties that overlap themselves to create...
  • jimmyfallon-girl-i-wanna-make-you-sweat

    2012 TV Moment Of The Year – Jimmy Fallon singing Inner Circle’s “Sweat”

    Miami-based Inner Circle is quite legendary in their own right, as you might remmeber them as the group behind the epic cops theme “Bad Boys”. Well, in 2012, Jimmy Fallon decided to bring out his Barbershop Quartet to recreate another Inner Circle hit by the name of “Sweat”. It...
  • del-toro-miami

    2012 Local Brand Of The Year – Del Toro Shoes

    Del Toro Shoes has never really been on my radar since they are a little bit on the higher spectrum in the budget side of things with an average of $300-350 per pair. But ever since the homies at WordInTown put us on during Magic in Vegas, we found...
  • mvp

    2012 T-Shirt Design Of The Year – The 3X MVP Shirt by Mi Gente Clothing and UNKNWN

    Celebrating LeBron’s Third MVP recognition, Mi Gente Clothing designed this “3x MVP Beast” shirt in collaboration with UNKNWN. The shirt sold out out with the quickness and was quickly appearing on Ebay for resell-type prices. The shirt got the co-sign from LeBron himself when he was out at LIV...
  • billycorbin

    2012 Director Of The Year – Billy Corben

    While we usually have giving this recognition to “Music Video Directors”, but we thought we’d keep the category a little more general this year. Billy Corben of Rakontur has been a long time contributor to the visuals that have come out of Miami. Starting with the Cocaine Cowboys franchise...
  • jonny5

    2012 Videographer Of The Year – Jonny 5 of WorldStarhiphop

    Jonny5 is a Miami based videographer and photographer. He’s shot A LOT of beautiful women. And he’s apparently the man behind Worldstarhiphop’s “World Star Candy” section and for that, and that alone, warrants him the videographer that all videographers would love to be. He’s shot dozens of women for...
  • burger-beast

    2012 Blogger Of The Year – Burger Beast

    Everybody loves food, are you with me? Well Burger Beast is pretty much Miami’s authority to the best comfort food in the city. Sef Gonzalez, aka, the Burger Beast, is the go-to person and site to not only know what the best in South Florida burgers are, but also...
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