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The Golden Era…

Music is most definitely one of those things that can unite people no matter the language or the country you're from. It sounds cliche but you have to admit that it is. You can almost always attach any memory (good or bad) to a song or two that was popular at the time of that memory.

Jay-Z’s Top Five Moments In Miami

Since the beginning of his err, rap career, Jay has been coming to Miami. And with his tour stopping by Miami tonight, we thought we'd put together a quick list of 5 memorable Jay-Z In Miami moments. You know he's always been hitting up all the studios down here to record or mix. "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" was recorded in Miami without a doubt, along with a few others that we're sure exist but we're not getting paid enough to research for. And you know he and his past Roc-A-Fella extended crew have been vacationing and partying and bullsh*tting on South Beach for more than 17 years - most likely squeezing in video shoot or two during each visit. Since we started The305.com, there's been quite a few memorable Jay-Z In Miami moments and we thought we'd share a few with you. Actually, I think we're sharing the only ones we can really think of that matter. Start the list below to check out the Top 5 Jay-Z In Miami Moments Of All Time.

DJ Irie’s Top 15 Songs For NYE

DJ Irie linked with Fox News to give out his Top 15 Songs for New Year's Eve. We have a couple new songs, along with a few not-so-new, and a few old school ...