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sketch created on the sktchy app

Miami-Based Sktchy App Makes Art Simple and Fun

Any aspiring artist out there looking to find a muse? Or are you someone who might be looking to become someone’s muse? Look no further than the new Miami-based app Sktchy. Sktchy was created by Jordan Melnick, co-founder of the local blog Beached Miami, who found inspiration for this app through a Miami art project he created called Sktchy Miami.

EVENT: If you never got a chance to experience the Miami Marine Stadium “legally”….pay $40 and you can do so – 09/20/14

On Saturday, September 20, the National Trust for Historic Preservation will open the gates as street artists from around the world are unleashed inside Miami's most iconic building – paint brushes and spray cans in hand. Their mission? To create stunning new murals inspired by the stadium and the grassroots campaign to save it. Participants will receive full access to the site as the new murals are installed, as well as a special photographic print of other pieces created as part of the ART | History Mural Project – an innovative fundraising effort that is enlisting contemporary artists from around the world to help bring Miami Marine Stadium back to life.