The significance of 305 goes deeper than just being an area code of where we’re based out of. It’s a symbol of pride and a symbol of lifestyle. The305.Com has stood and will stand to cover hip-hop, fashion, sneakers and lifestyle from the eyes of a Miami perspective. The interviews have always been a highlighted mark of the website with exclusive photography and informal, but comical commentary. Everything from events, music, fashion, art, and more, have all been points of interests that The305.Com has been able to showcase.


Here at The305.com, we offer various creative services and marketing opportunities for local and national companies.

-Email blasts
-Weekly Event & Party Promotions
-Event Production & Coordination
-Public Relations
-Social Media Management
-Regional and Local Marketing/Advertising Campaigns

-Event Photography
-Professional Photoshoots for artists, models, venues and more
-Styling, Hair Styling and Make-Up services
-Graphic Design

-Website Design and Website Management
-Blog Design and Blog Management
-Content Creation
-Social Media Management
-Blogging & Social Media Courses

Email us at info@the305.com for info and prices.


Editor-In-Chief, Creative Director: David β€œDro” Rosario
Website Design: www.miamicreativegroup.com
Freelance Writers: Tones, O. Aquino, Carlucha
Marketing Consultants: Alex Almonte, Abebe Lewis Marketing & Branding
Advertising: advertising@the305.com
Freelance Photographers/Videographers: Dro Photography, Jose Romero, Louis Samuel, B Cruz, Jahrue, Ian Whitlen, David Cabrera, Jonny Walker, MJ Flix, Crazy Hood Film Academy
Make-Up Artists: Nina Arce, Gina Paredes
Publicity: Dennis Paredes for Public Wizard, Inc