A Meal At Ray Allen’s GROWN Restaurant in South Miami



We were still high off the nostalgia of the Miami Heat’s “LeBron” years recently so with that, it only made sense to take a ride down to South Miami to support Ray Allen and his wife Shannon Walker Williams at their new restaurant Grown. Located on US1 near South Miami Hospital, Grown is a health-driven eatery with an organic fast-food anchor as their main marketing strategy. The restaurant itself is in a nice corner location of its shopping center and includes plenty of table types to choose from (indoor and outdoor) as well as a rooftop. The interior design is very trendy and “organic” feeling if that makes any sense which includes flowers, plants and positive graphics everywhere you look. And what’s probably most surprising is that they have a drive-thru to get a quick bite while on the go.

I wanted to go to Grown and order a bunch of stuff to be able to photograph and give a full thorough review…but…the higher-end price of everything and also the way the food is served (non-photogenic but eco-friendly paper trays) kinda’ prevented that. So to give you the real experience, I ordered a meal and a side to see what they’re working with.

Firstly, the menu gets a little getting used to but it resembles the Chipotle type of ordering process. You pick your protein, then choose your vegetable, then your grain and finally, select a sauce. I went with the Free Range Rotisserie Chicken (1/4 chicken white meat) served with grilled asparagus, herb roasted red bliss potatoes and my choice of chimichurri sauce ($16 total). I then added a gluten-free pasta salad to try as well ($4).

Now, the verdict? Keep in mind this is based off one meal off their much larger menu that includes salads, smoothies, breakfast and more. This is a limited review but I would think that the quality should hold no matter what is ordered. So either way, the meal was very healthy with minimal seasoning which I liked (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing depending if you are low-sodium eater) and the portions were medium sized. While satisfying and fulfilling, I’d be lying if I said the food was amazing and one-of-a-kind. Aside from me “knowing” that I’m eating organic, I feel like I could have eaten the same quality meal at Whole Foods’ self-serve hot bars or even at Boston Market and both would have been at a much lower price point. Otherwise, like I said, decent food, medium portions and filling.

Grown was absolutely PACKED with happy people (millennials, families and businessmen/businesswomen) when I went and the Yelp reviews suggest that they are on to something positive and fulfilling for the neighborhood. I just wish they were a little more affordable so the average person and/or family could afford to dine there a little more often to take advantage of the “organic fast food” service.

8211 South Dixie Highway
Miami, FL 33143

Grown Restaurant Interior
Grown's Rotisserie Chicken

Quarter-chicken with grilled asparagus and herb roasted red bliss potatoes. Side of chimichurri sauce (there are others to chose from as well) was included but not shown (price is $16.00, no drink included)

Gluten-Free Pasta Salad

Gluten-free Pasta Salad (a side order is $4.00)

Grown Wrap Paper Detailed Logo
Grown Miami Interior Blueprints
Ray Allen posing in front of his restaurant GROWN in South Miami

Courtesy Of Ray Allen’s Instagram


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