Uncle Luke Is Not A Star Wars Fan…because of that uh, $300 Million Lawsuit LucasFilms Filed Against Him…

Luke Skyywalker Records

Luke Skyywalker Records

As you may or may not know, Star Ware Episode VII: The Force Awakens, has pretty much taken over the theatrical world and set all sorts of records within the past few weeks of being released. The only Miami connection is that one of the main characters, Oscar Isaac who plays Poe, is a Miami native. See this Miami New Times feature for more interested info on that.

But aside from that you also have a Miami connection that spawns from way back into yesteryear during a time far far away called the 1980’s. Back then, the original Star Wars reigned supreme and a young local jedi by the name of Luther Campbell had a record label and moniker that looked, felt and sounded similar to the main character in the early Star Wars trilogy. Uncle Luke used to call himself Luke Skyywalker and the label name was Luke Skyywalker Records. Take a way the “y” and you have yourself a highly debatable legal battle with LucasFilm who filed suit in 1990 for $300 million. Luke’s defense was that the name was inspired by New York Knicks star Kenny “Sky” Walker. The case ended up settling out of court for a very small percentage of the original suit at $300,000 and he had to change his name to just Luke and the record label to Luke Records. It could have been much worse.

Luke spoke with Vulture about those days and gave them a little insight into the lawsuit, how he won’t let his kids watch Star Wars unless its a bootleg version and…how he’s a Star Trek fan (ha!). Read the full story below.




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