Shake Shack Secret Menu Items We Discovered On Lincoln Road

Shake Shack Classic

Shake Shack Classic Combo

We were recently invited by Shake Shack for a Blogger meetup called #ShackMeetUp at their unique “off” Lincoln Road location. It was a great #burgersforbreakfast type of meet up this past Sunday where we also saw @TheFashionPoet, @MrMiamiMarvin and @FatGirlHedonist. We even had an unexpected appearance by Zaire Wade, Dwyane Wade’s son, who came with a few friends for a Sunday snack unrelated to the blogger meetup.

Anyways, while we heard about a “secret menu” that accompanies Shake Shack’s wonderful classics, we never got a chance to quite experience them. Simply, because we never asked or tried. So please withhold all “late pass” comments…we get it, we know. Either way, we were introduced to:

1) The Shake Shack Grilled Cheese (add bacon or tomatoes if you’d like as well) – which is basically their potato bread bun flipped inside out and enhanced with TONS of cheese. Deliciously simple. (the first photo below)

2) And two, their Smoke Shack Fries – which is their traditional fries topped with all of the ingredients that are in the Smoke Shack Burger, which includes:ย all-natural applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper and ShackSauce. (second photo below).

In essence, their “secret menu” items areย not so secret as they’reย really just a combination of existing menu items mixed and matched. But…that grilled cheese, tho.

Other “secret menu” items include:

Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurger

The Smoke Shack Quad Burger

Shackburger with pickles

Shackburger with Onions

Shakeburger Cheese Dog Hotdog

Shack-Cago Burger

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Extra Shack Sauce on anything

The Infamous โ€œShandyโ€ – Shandy lemonade beer

โ€œChiliโ€ Pepper Cheese Fries

Protein Style (Bun-less) Any Burger

Shake Shack Grilled Cheese

Shake Shack Grilled Cheese

Smoke Shack Fries

Smoke Shack Fries

Lincoln Road Location Interior

Lincoln Road Location Interior

Multiple Shake Shack menu tiems

General Menu Items


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