Peruvian Sandwiches in West west west west Kendall at Mr. & Mrs. Bun



Mr. & Mrs. Bun is a new-ish restaurant that popped up in the extremely-West Kendall area of Miami off Sunset Drive and SW 157th Avenue. Its a Peruvian-inspired sandwich place with a simple menu that is packed with flavor and great variety. Its a tiny 5-6 table spot run by a husband and wife team that makes everything (including the buns) from scratch.

I got a chance to stop by last night right before they closed for a quick later-than-usual dinner and was definitely happy the three sandwiches we tasted and shared amongst each other.

We ordered the Asado de tira (short rib) with horseradish mayonnaise and chimichurri, which in short is a short rib sandwich. It reminded me of aย Mexican torta and the ingredients were so fresh. We also ordered the Asado Con Palta, with cebolla frita (fried onions).

But the star of the show was their newest sandwich that is so new that its not on the menu yet. Theย BBQ Huacatay Boneless Chicken Wing Sandwich with Carrots and Celery. This one had so much great flavor and textures – it was perfect with a little bit of Peru mixed with American flavors.

All in all, a great experience.ย The pricing for the sandwiches are perfectly priced for their quality at a under $10 price point. And you’re going to love all of their side dipping sauces and spreads. Very diverse and tasty boosts of flavor. The BBQ Boneless Chicken sandwich came with a creamy blue cheese sauce/dip with a drizzle of their bbq sauce sprinkled on top.

Aside from that, there are tons of sides (sweet potato fries, regular fries, etc) and a choice of a few empanadas (one of them pictured below). But on weekends they serve a loaded baked potato that we have yet to try, but will surely being so soon.

Visit Mr. & Mrs. Bun today and support your local businesses!

Mr. & Mrs. Bun
15572 SWย 72 Street
Miami, Florida 33193
T: 786-717 -6244
IG:ย @mr.and.mrs.bun

Asado con palta y cebolla frita

Asado con palta y cebolla frita

BBQ Huacatay Bonesless Chicken Wing Sandwich with Carrots and Celery

BBQ Huacatay Boneless Chicken Wing Sandwich with Carrots and Celery

Blue Cheese Sauce with BBQ Drizzle

Blue Cheese Sauce with BBQ Drizzle

Aji De Gallina Empanada

Aji De Gallina Empanada


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