South Florida based Dominican-American National Foundation Releases Statement On Dominican Republic’s Haitian Policies



There are some strong injustices going on in the Dominican Republic against people of Haitian descent. I recently received a statement from the Chairman Of The Board Of Directors (Rudy D. Vizcaino) of the South Florida based Dominican-American National Foundation denouncing the efforts of the D.R.’s government for a looming mass deportation of 500,000 (+) citizens of Haitian descent. The issue is a bit heavy to summarize in a short blog post but read about it here. Otherwise, here’s the DANF’s official statement:

On behalf of the Dominican American National Foundation (DANF), its board of directors, and employees, I write to inform you that we do not stand behind nor support the decision of the Dominican government to deport all citizens of Haitian descent born after 1929 from the Dominican Republic. We believe that this is an unjust act being committed against a defenseless group of poor, underrepresented, and underserved people. DANF aims to celebrate the beauty of Dominican cultural heritage; one that is inclusive of all the races and ethnicities that make up the beautiful mosaic that is the Dominican Republic, and not just exclusive to some.

DANF was established and thrives in the United States, a country that features an extremely diverse population of immigrant people from all over the world. We understand the complexity of immigration laws and the need for assimilation and cultural identity. However, we must stand in solidarity and reject the Dominican Republic’s current government’s position to deport anyone who is not of Dominican ancestry and the revocation of their Dominican citizenship. Such an act would be a violation of basic human rights of the Haitian community, as well as all other races and ethnicities who seek to live, work and thrive in the Dominican Republic.

The systemic deportation of all people of Haitian decent, regardless of their place of birth in the Dominican Republic, is wrong and misguided. We look forward to the implementation of reasonable, sound and just immigration policies by the government of the Dominican Republic. Our best wishes and prayers go out to all of the hardworking families of Haitian descent that may be affected by this current policy.

For more information on theΒ Dominican American National Foundation, go to:Β


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