The Big Booty Edition Is Back – June 2015 – (73 Photos)


Alife Big Booty Girl

Almost a year or so in hiatus, the Big Booty Edition is back, and on a Saturday Night no less. Its been a long time coming and we know you missed it so we’re going to make up for lost time. Who knows we might even get in the habit of putting these up for you a little more often if the feedback is right. And boy, a sure lot has changed since March 2014, which was the last time we did a Big Booty Edition. But we’re here to rejoice and reclaim some happiness in your lives.

Also it should be noted, some of these photos are courtesy of @WhosGotCake (IG), Nick Ramirez and Sneakhype. And the photo above is courtesy of Alife.

So enjoy 72 more photos below…

big-booty-photos-01 big-booty-photos-02

big-booty-photos-14 big-booty-photos-03 big-booty-photos-04 big-booty-photos-05 big-booty-photos-06 big-booty-photos-07 big-booty-photos-08 big-booty-photos-09 big-booty-photos-10 big-booty-photos-11 big-booty-photos-12 big-booty-photos-15 big-booty-photos-16 big-booty-photos-17 big-booty-photos-18big-booty-photos-20 big-booty-photos-21 big-booty-photos-22 big-booty-photos-23 big-booty-photos-24 big-booty-photos-25 big-booty-photos-26 big-booty-photos-27 big-booty-photos-28 big-booty-photos-29 big-booty-photos-30 big-booty-photos-31 big-booty-photos-32 big-booty-photos-33 big-booty-photos-34 big-booty-photos-35 big-booty-photos-36 big-booty-photos-37 big-booty-photos-38 big-booty-photos-39 big-booty-photos-40 big-booty-photos-41 big-booty-photos-42 big-booty-photos-43 big-booty-photos-44 big-booty-photos-45 Tianna G - 20130630-1364 big-booty-photos-47 big-booty-photos-48 big-booty-photos-49 big-booty-photos-50 big-booty-photos-51 big-booty-photos-52 big-booty-photos-53 big-booty-photos-54 big-booty-photos-55 big-booty-photos-56 big-booty-photos-57 big-booty-photos-58 big-booty-photos-59 big-booty-photos-60 big-booty-photos-61 big-booty-photos-62 big-booty-photos-63 big-booty-photos-64 big-booty-photos-65 big-booty-photos-66 big-booty-photos-67 big-booty-photos-68 big-booty-photos-69 big-booty-photos-71 big-booty-photos-72 big-booty-photos-73You’re welcome…



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