51-Year Old Miami Man Takes Police Car On Joyride For A Few Hours And Then Parks It Back Where It Was…



Miami police have filed charges after a man took one of their patrol cars on a joyride.

On Tuesday, a policeΒ officer went into the Jackson Memorial Health Crisis Center, leaving the keys in the car. That’s when 51-year old Larry Nystrom got into the idle cop car and painted the town red while the officer was clueless.

While we’re not sure where his crisis center was located, Mr. Larry was able to make it to Alligator Alley, where he was pulled over for speeding by an FHP trooper. The trooper let him go (wtf?) because there was nothing reported about the patrol car being missing or anything to red flag the car or its daring driver.

By the time authorities figured things out, the car was returned and parked in the original lot of the crisis center. Another police officer saw Larry Nystrom exit the car and ran over to question him and that’s where the joyride plot was unveiled.

While being taken into custody, Nystrom told the officers, β€œI had fun on the joy ride and I even turned on the lights and sirens,” according to the police report.

He’s been charged with Grand Theft Auto.

Source: CBS Miami


Miami City Police


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