Don Francisco Issues Statement About Ending Sabado Gigante on this past Saturday’s show



South Florida staple and your abuelita’s favorite program, Sabado Gigante, is officially going off the air this upcoming September 19th. We mentioned this on Friday.

Don Francisco created the popular show “Sabado Gigante”Β back in Chile over 53 years ago and moved it to the U.S. in 1986. On this past Saturday’s airing, Don Francisco discussed the recent news that Univision publicized about the show’s demise later this year and he confirmed that it is indeed true.

“As many of you know, yesterday Univision announced that after 53 years on the air, our program will close at the end of this season,” Francisco said Saturday to his audience, some of them in tears.

“This ‘Sabado Gigante’ allowed all of us who work here to fulfill impossible dreams, and it is the time to end this story with dignity, at the best level … and with the highest ratings. We are second, first, third nationally every week. Times have changed, we know that, and because of that we need to look for new challenges,” he added.

“To us, I reiterate, this is not a moment of sadness. On the contrary, this is a moment of triumph,” the Chilean-born Francisco said.

“Now, everyone to work. We are not on vacation. We have to entertain our audience, we have to make people have a good time, laugh, cry, sing, dance. We still have a few weeks ahead of us, 22 more,” he said.

So despite the somber news, Don is going to make sure to end off the show with a bang and keep things in good spirits.

[via The Associated Press]


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