#WMC – Go Bananas with Dada Life at the Dada Life Compound March 28



You know Dada Life, the Swedish duo from Stockholm who got everyone on the planet to think it was them who were the guys in the Bananas in Pajamas suits. And while that was a mean little prank, it worked in gaining them global recognition. Forever will they be known as the bananas DJs who cause havoc anywhere they go and somehow incorporate the potassium filled fruit in their sets. Which is why we expect their show during WMC/MMW at Mana Studios in Wynwood on Saturday, March 28 to be nothing less than downright mayhem. Or for lack of a better word, bananas. Don’t be surprised if they throw some at the crowd.

Doors open at 10 p.m. Tickets start at $30

Full lineup on the flyer above.


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