Drone Crashes Through The Window Of A Hialeah Home

Drone Prototype Crashes In Hialeah

Drone Prototype Crashes In Hialeah

First it was the white house, now its a random house in Hialeah. A DJI Phantom 2 drone crashed into the bedroom of Hialeah resident Andres Buksh this past Friday morning. It shattered the window and was found inside the room.

“I guess somebody lost control of it,” said Buksh.

He couldn’t believe no one had come to claim the flying machine, so he called police.

“They said this was the first call they had like this, so I told them ‘this is not going to be the last one anyway,’” he said.

“The windows you can replace, but if somebody walking in the street and it falls on their head or something, it could cause some serious injury,” said Buksh.

Buksh said he opened up the drone and found a video card inside with images of a man flying the drone above his home but he can’t see his face.

There are new FAA regulations that state anyone flying these machines for hobby must fly them no higher than 400 feet and the drone must stay in the line of site.

Shit is most definitely getting real for drone owners. Stay responsible and safe with these machines.

[via CBS Local]


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