Nuri’s Newly Released ‘Lightning EP’ Is Compact, But Packs A Serious Punch

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.11.58 AM

Lightning EP

Although diligent at work as the leading producer for Robb Bank$, Nuri took every inch of opportunity to progress steadily before blessing us with a new follow-up to his previously released solo EP, Feel Love With No Regret. This time around, a different approach was utilized for his accompanying Lightning EP, as Nuri maneuvers his way behind the boards in a conductor-like fashion.

The music is orchestrated through the talents of Austin Paul, Faery Teeth, IndigoChildRick, Robb Bank$ and Sir Michael Rocks, but their vocalizations operate more like added components (think kick drum, hi hats, cymbals) than full-length features often seen in compilations. This is most apparent in “Lightning”, as Indigo’s easily distinguishable adlibs echo throughout, before any type of verse is unraveled.

With a total of six tracks, Nuri’s Lightning EP is compact enough to get through in one sitting, but take this as a friendly forewarning; it irrefutably has enough volume to keep listeners preoccupied until another project is very well revealed. Go grab yourself some over-the-ear headphones and stream the Lightning EP in its entirety right down below.



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