Chris Bosh Likes Katy Perry, but Loves Miami…



Chris Bosh linked with WQAM’s Marc Hochman (mista’ Mount Rushmore) for a quick interview to discuss all things basketball. He also revealed a special little nugget of a confession regarding Miss Katy Perry.

“You do it at your own risk…[but]….I’m man enough to say I like Katy Perry. I like her music. She’s a great superstar. Everybody’s not going to say that.”

Boshy also dropped a love-filled ode to Miami and its weather.

“It’s different man,” Bosh said of Detroit’s frosty streets when against the Pistons. “It just shows you how easy it is down in Miami. It’s 80 — you get to go outside in whatever you have on. Here, you’ve got to have a lot more, you’ve got to warm up your car — I love Miami.”

Sidenote: That giraffe got-milk pic though….lol.

[via CBS Local]


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