YesJulz: Her Snapchat Takeover & The Launch Of #YesJulzTV

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So, everyone knows Snapchat as the ultimate secret dirty picture-sending platform.  With the recent updates of Snapcash, the added “Discover” feature which shares videos and stories from outside publishers such as Vice, Comedy Central, and CNN, as well as people watching their favorite celebrities’ and icons’ Snapchat stories, it proves that “Le Snap” (as Miami’s own YesJulz likes to call it) is on the come-up to become much more than a late-night vice. Throw all that in the mix along with the new throwback BBM-style Snapghost icon that users can scan to add contacts, rather than typing in usernames, and it’s easy to see the growth Snapchat has already achieved, along with it’s potential as the next big thing as a publishing platform.

Self-proclaimed “Snapchat Gawdess” YesJulz is quickly on a Snapchat takeover with over 30,000 viewers per day, easily making her one of the most viewed and trending users. If you’ve been to FDR Mondays at Delano, it’s obvious that the girl knows how to throw down and curate great vibes. As Miami’s ultimate party queen, someone not familiar with her might just expect endless club clips; this is not the case at all. Usually viewers get an exclusive peek into her day-to-day life and proof that she really is #NeverNotWorking.

Highlights include her #ADayWithJulz, where she went around all of Miami’s coolest and most iconic places such as the Versace mansion, Mango’s Tropical Café, Café Versailles, Lou La Vie car rental (and copped a Lambo for the day) as well as tons of daily motivation and inspirational thoughts. From working out at Barry’s Bootcamp for the #RoadToYoncé to meeting with youth leaders in Chicago who are working to reduce the amount of teen violence to laying down tracks in the studio, viewers get an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes of “cool to be conscious” girl YesJulz and all the work that goes into the creation of great vibes.

Popularity on Snapchat has led to the creation and growth of her YouTube channel, YesJulzTV, which elaborates on her daily life and events and allows for a longer shelf life than her Snapchat clips, which are gone in 24 hours. #ADayWithJulz on YouTube is a must-watch for anyone wanting to feel inspired to work harder and smarter as well as anyone who wants a local perspective of our amazing city.

Add Julz on Snapchat: @YesJulz

And Watch #ADayWithJulz Miami Edition by clicking here:

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