Things Were All Good Just A Week Ago…Citi Bike Relocating Some Brickell Bike Racks Over Complaints From Residents



Things Were All Good Just A Week Ago…..

Citi Bike came to mainland Miami to revolutionize the way we get around in the downtown and central areas of Miami. That’s what was supposed to happen and it kinda’ is. But an overwhelming amount of Brickell residents have been complaining that the bikes are taking up too much public space and are taking up many scarce parking spots.

So after giving it thought, city officials are forcing Citi Bike to come back to Brickell and (at least for now) remove four bike stations and move them elsewhere.

“I told the city at the inception of this program, please get a written confirmation from the adjacent property owners before you pick a location,” Commissioner Marc SarnoffΒ says. “That fell on deaf ears.”

Sarnoff said a similar problem had been headed off at Coconut Grove Elementary School, where a rack was scheduled to go into place in a high-traffic pick-up and drop-off area. When school administrators and parents complained, the site was quickly relocated.

The racks on Brickell Bay Drive, however, didn’t become embroiled in controversy until they were installed.

The County, if it got involved, could place racks at convenient locations like Metromover stations. A city official says the county is looking into the idea, but has significantly more red tape to navigate before it could happen.

“What we should be doing is asking the county to place these on their right of ways,” Sarnoff says.

Big picture, the Brickell fight is a minor speedbump in a program that’s been posting growing ridership in Miami Beach and, according to city officials, strong early numbers across the bay on the mainland.

But Sarnoff hopes there will be better communication going forward. “It’s still a great opportunity for the city,” he says.

Miami, get your shit together. This is a good thing to keep your city growing and if the residents and officials can’t compromise, you’re going to set us back years. Public transportation is a serious oversight in this city so let’s hope we get some resolve and continued growth of programs like Citi Bike.

[via Riptide]


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