#EVENT – We’re Not Picking Sides Here…But In Case You Want To Attend Tomorrow’s Protest For The Release Of Miami’s Lolita The Killer Whale, Here’s The Info


906621_10155036770390393_6333225473988922852_oWe tend to stray away from picking sides on political issues, and the same goes here. We’re just posting the info for awareness about issues like this and in case you are a proponent of the release of Lolita, the Miami Seaquarium’s killer whale that has been in captivity for about 44 years.

According to the Miracle March for Lolita, Lolita hasn’t seen another killer whale since 1980. There’s also the claims that Lolita is in the smallest Orca tank of its kind in North America. No matter where you stand on this, you have to admit that this has to pull some of those heart strings inside of you to feel some sort of emotion.

But apparently, there will be a protest tomorrow in Virginia Key to protest the treatment of Lolita and to draw up interest to collect more signatures on a petition to demand the release of Lolita. The Miracle March for Lolita is set to begin on Saturday January 17th at 8am at Virginia Key Beach Park.

All the info can be located here, and/or shown in the documents below…

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