2014 Artist Of The Year – Cashy Kesh Dolla



We’ve given this “Artist Of The Year” recognition to Pharrell, Induce, Cris Cab, Rick Ross, and Pitbull in the past. And its no strict criteria based off record sales or anything like that. We just really put our opinion on who we think had a real creative or impactful year.

And to us, the artist that stood out was Mr. Cashy Kesh Dolla, or simply known as Cashy. He’s representin’ Perrine…meaning, he’s a down south dude. We’re a little biased here as most of with The305.com have been lifelong Cutler Ridge, Perrine, Kendall and Goulds residents. But all that aside, Cashy puts out such a unique blend of his music and his personality for the world to see. We only give comparisons for the sake if you giving you an idea of what we think you expect by listening, but we think Cashy is like the perfect combination of Andre 3000’s best years and 2 Chainz energy. Yeah, weird comparison and probably not super accurate as it was hard to even come up with that one. That can probably just show you how unique Cashy is. So unique that its hard to make comparisons.

From making music that goes left from the norm and uses different beats, hooks, lyrics, flows, album artwork, videos and subject matters that most might not even consider trying. Even his outfits and choice of fashion are deserving of  some kind of stylist award, like…for real.

So strictly for just being dope and putting out a quality selection of projects and just being himself….Cashy is our 2014 Artist of The Year.



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