2014 Album Of The Year – Webbz and Young McFly’s Medicinal EP



So….album of the year huh? Yeah. Medicinal is album of the year. Webbz (the emcee) and Young McFly (the producer) created a classic by our standards. Though the project didn’t and may not reach this HUGE commercial success, but that’s more because of the current music industry climate we’re in. This EP…err…album…was our choice as the best of the year more so because it took everything was great from the “golden era” of hip-hop and brought it back in 2014/2015 form.


Dope azfuk album cover. Check.

Honest lyrics and diverse hooks. Check.

All beats by one great producer. Check.

Great handpicked features with some of Webbz/McFly’s most talented peers in their city. Check.

Each song sounds different from the last in terms of topic, beat and tone …. vs …. an album that sounds like one song for 30-50 minutes. Check.

‘Dem ill samples and drums. Check.

Your producer jumps on the tracks as an artist as well. Check.

Cam’ron cameo. Check and check!


All in all, it was a solid release that was quality from start to finish. It was a very concise and well produced album with great artist and producer chemistry. Again…ALBUM…meaning, there was thought put into it. And you can definitely hope that this isn’t the last we hear of Webbz and McFly in full album form. Something about them linking up, just makes for some good hip-hop music.




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