Rick Ross Gets A Miami Heat Face Tattoo and takes this #HeatLifer thing to another level…!



Bruh. The Miami Heat needs to give Rick Ross and his new Miami Heat face tattoo a lifetime supply of courtside tickets. Or at least give him a deal like how the Knicks give Spike Lee. Rick Ross just put their logo on his face. And let’s be real, Ross is a pretty visible man and a trending celeb, so that logo is getting lots of impressions per day….he’s a walking billboard. And taking it a step further, Ross also got Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers logo imprinted and Meek Mill showed some loyalty by getting an MMG tattoo on his hand. So much love and loyalty going around here.

The masters behind the fancy ink work?ย Unroyal Ink tattoo shop in New Jersey (address:ย Unroyal Ink 5006 rt33 Farmingdale, NJ07727)

Ross is most definitely a #HeatLifer and has the ink on his face to prove it. Us regular Heat fans ain’t shit. Photos below…


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