2014 Producer Of The Year – Young McFly



Quality over quantity. Young McFly might not have been on every single artists’ project and/or artists’ Soundcloud account stream for 2014, but on what he was on, it was of quality and sonically above the norm compared to what’s out there in hip-hop nowadays. Plus, he released two collaborative albums with Prez P and Webbz respectively, where he produced those albums in full with a chosen rapper on top of all the beats….in true 90s hip-hop style. There were also a few other standout releases with J. Nics and Phresh James.

McFly mixes his love of samples (or sample sounding synths?) to create these beats that just put you on chill for the duration of you listening. This was definitely apparent on both the Medicinal and 305 In The Sunshine projects, both of which we can go out on a limb and say they are CLASSICS. Like hands down classics. Hashtag #classic and all that shit. They were well produced and the chemistry with each of those artists was so unique and worked so well.

In a day of one finger piano beats, its refreshing to hear McFly still keep some of the original hip-hop production elements and sounds in his music.

And the extra bonus? McFly was also one of the people responsible for organizing the 305 Live Artist Showcase in Atlanta that put some of Miami’s top emerging hip-hop artists in front of the A3C crowd of influencers and music lovers. The show was a definite first of its kind.



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