2014 Mixtape Of The Year – Amber Monique – Save RnB



Nowadays, its hard to define what a mixtape is since most have kinda’ turned into elongated EPs and albums basically. But when an artist calls their project a mixtape, what else can we do but respect that and move forward with the mixtape title.

Out of SOOOOO many mixtapes that dropped in the year, we had to shoot a little bit of shine to Amber Monique for not only putting out the rare R&B mixtape that actually could have been a great “album”, but for being incredibly talented. And that voice!

Save RnB combined the old school rhythm and blues sounds with new aged lyrics and modern production from a handpicked set of producers including a few standout Pyrvmids-produced songs. The mixtape just has a great vibe from beginning to end and whether its hip-hop, pop, rock or country – very few projects gave us that same feeling in 2014.

We hope to see more of Amber in 2015…keep it killin’ it!



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