2014 Foodie Event Of The Year – The Frita Showdown



We had a few highlight “foodie” events that went down throughout the year and if you include all the super-expensive Sobe WFF events, then we can go on for days. But some of the highlighted events included Burgerliscious, Eat & Beats, Dine & Drive at The Collection and so so so many Burger Beast run events…to many to mention. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that our favorite event is also a Burger Beast helmed function.

In comes the second edition of the Frita Showdown. It doesn’t get anymore Miami than this. Rather than give in to the whole Cuban Sandwich stereotype, we gotta say that the Cuban Frita is very unique to the Miami area. Obviously, we have a predominantly Cuban population and influence – so that’s the main reason for the frita’s rise in population and the endless supply of fritas all over the city.

So Mr. Burger Beast decided to make an event dedicated to the Cuban delicacy. El Rey de las Fritas, Bread + Butter Counter, Cuban Guys, El Mago de las Fritas, FINKA Table & Tap and Latin House were all participants. El Rey De Las Fritas ended up being the winner for the second year in a row and took the title of the “Best Frita En El Mundo”.

$35 got you fritas from each of the participants, unlimited soft drinks from Jupiña & Materva, tons of snacks and sweets from other vendors, and sangria from Sangria Don Chu.

Best. Foodie. Event. Ever.

Hopefully we’ll see the third annual edition coming up later this summer.

More info: burgerbeast.com



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