2014 Best Dessert In Miami – Carrot Cheesecake by Gigi’s, which unfortunately WAS a Temp Item



This one is strictly me being on the Gigi’s hypebeast machine and I can admit it. We couldn’t go through 2014’s Best Of list without throwing a bone to Gigi.

One of the best items we experienced (though not the most innovative we admit) was the Gigi Carrot Cheesecake, which is not simply a cheesecake infused with some of carrot topping. This was a perfectly executed and thickly layered hybrid with one layer carrot cake stacked with a layer of cheesecake and then another layer of carrot cake and topped off with one final cheesecake layer with icing. Throw a little strawberry, powdered sugar and caramel…and magnifique muh’fuggers. Too bad its only a pop-up item that comes and goes as Gigi’s culinary artists please.

Stay on that @GigiNow Instagram account to stay up to date on when this slice of heaven returns to their temp menu.



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