2014 Best Burger In Miami – Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint……



Let the controversy begin. Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint, where do we start?

Its one of the most expensive burgers in Miami, yet its FREE.  Not only is it free, but you can have as many as you want.

Now the controversial part. Its technically based in Miami, but kinda’ sorta not. Meaning, you can only get one of these bad boys if you’re a passenger on any of the participating Carnival cruise ships with a Guy’s Burger Joint on board. Funny right? I mean they dock in Miami and leave out of Miami, so it technically is Miami right? Plus, that kinda’ makes this one of the most super exclusive burgers in the county since its not like the average Miami resident is taking a cruise every couple of days. And it kinda feels like when you eat In-N-Out Burger for the first time in a long time when you take a trip to Los Angeles. So not only is it exclusivity, but scarcity element of the burger makes Guy’s joint even more special.

But yeah. Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint burgers are pure fire…pure candela. Nice seasoning, irregular crispy edges, and oh, the donkey sauce! And you can have an endless supply of burgers with the buffet style privileges you have because you’re on that cruise.

So bring on the hate Miami, but this is your best burger for 2014 and beyond. Take a peak at the simple menu below…

NOTE: Also, we hear there’s the occasional friends and family open house day on some of these ships, where you can preview the amenities and food without it leaving the port. So we hear…so get to huntin’! That or get ready to pay for the most expensive burger in Miami (cruise ship tickets).

More info: http://www.guyfieri.com/guy-fieri-restaurant_brands/guys-burger-joint/






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