2014 Most Viral Post Of The Year – Our Publix Subs April Fool’s Prank



Well, we were two-for-two when it came to our epic April Fool’s Day attempts at pranking all of Miami.

In 2013 it was In-N-Out Miami locations, and in 2014 it was the fake Publix Announcement Of Stand-Alone Sub Shops to replace remaining Quizno’s franchises across the southeast. It truly was an accidental viral story, though we expected it would do fairly well.

If you know Miamians (and anyone who grew up or lived with a Publix nearby), then you know that those individuals will ride and die for their Publix subs.

Our joke went so well that Publix had to go on OVERDRIVE to calm down their legion of inquiring fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Since the publishing of our prank story, Publix has started introducing “TOASTED” subs at their deli counters. Could The305.com have been responsible for this? Probably not, but we’ll keep dreaming that we had something to do with it.

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