2014 GIF Of The Year – Stitches x Chris “Birdman” Andersen



During the height of the Miami Heat’s 2014 playoff run, Chris “Birdman” Andersen made it public knowledge that he was a Stitches fan. “Brick In Yo Face” was going viral and getting American Airline Arena play and some genius with impeccable skills in creating GIFs created the best GIF of 2014 and most likely one of the best ever.

Taking a scene from Stitches “Brick In Yo Face” video and pasting Birdman’s head on top was an epic win for many Tumblr’s during the NBA Playoffs. And then throw in a LeBron video bomb face in the GIF as well and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The post we made on this went instantly viral. And in case you’re not in the mood to click and see the original post, just view it below.



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