After 20 Years, MIA.Com Is Finally Up For Sale For………..wait for it………



Domain names are an interesting thing right now. With the release of all these hundreds of other domain extensions like .club or .nyc or .photo, I’m surprised dot coms are still getting the high reaching sales.

After 20 years, the domain name is being offered up for sale after being on a prolonged hold since 1995 with relatively no content ever pushed on the site. Various appraisal services are claiming the domain will sell for about $1 million dollars. However, we think this sale is probably 10 years too late.

Possible suitors include….well, maybe Miami International Airport, which may want to shorten their current domain. But then again, they might not really need to make that million dollar investment in this day of changing domain climate. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that it’d be a waste of money. Aside from being easier to type, most people end up Googling “Miami International Airport” anyways and get sent to the correct site regardless.

And just for perspective, the top selling domain of 2013 was for $4.5 million.

And another FUN FACT, the corporate giantΒ that owns actually have sent repetitive emails over the past few years supposedly giving us a “deal” to buy their “better” version of the 305 domain for $125,000. Um, yeah…we’ll pass. Especially if we can pick up for a few more bucks.

That’s today’s edition of Domain News.

[via SFBJ]


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