Ma$e Loses “Why Can’t We” Cover Art Lawsuit To Miami Model Stephanie Rao

Stephanie Rao Why Cant We

Stephanie Rao Why Cant We

Back in April, Kanye’s favorite rapper Ma$e released a song called “Why Can’t We”. And what caught our attention about the release was the cover art used that featured model Stephanie Delgado (aka Stephanie Rao) in a photo taken by Kitrell Cage. ordered to pay $7,500 after using someone else’s picture for his cover art without permission.

It looked like Ma$e and his people just simply went into her IG account, swiped the photo, blurred it and put the track’s info on top of it.

She sued for $60,000 and damages in upwards to $180,000.

According to TMZ, Ma$e lost the case (by not showing up or even responding) and was given a final judgement to pay her $7,500. And while Stephanie was seeking a minimum of $60,000, the judge did not award her that amount because she was unable to prove that she makes earnings matching anything close to $60,000 for previous photo shoots.

She said she had once made $25,000 for a commercial shoot to promote an artist’s music. The judge asked for proof but she said it was all done in cash and only knew she made the deal with a guy named Woo.

This case will definitely set a precedent in artists and graphic designers thinking of jacking random IG photos fro covers and flyers.

[via TMZ]


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