In Hialeah News…Harvard Grad Plays N.W.A.’s “F**k Tha Police” Loud Azfuk Next To A Hialeah Cop….And Then…



Per the Miami New Times, this is how the story goes.

26-year-old Harvard double grad Cesar Baldelomar.

Currently attends FIU studying law and was celebrating Thanksgiving.

In the mood for gangsta sh*t, Cesar starts blastin’ some NWA “Fuck The Police” near 60th Street and W 24th Avenue near a Hialeah po-po.

Hialeah po-po (Officer Garzon) said something to the extent of “aye, playing loud music within 25 feet of another person is against the law”.

And then the fun began.

“In 2012 the state supreme court struck down any law banning loud music,” he told the cop. “I knew that because it was a case I had actually studied in law school.”

Garzon grew angry, though, when Baldelomar told him that fact. He called over two other cops and then demanded proof of insurance. Baldelomar pulled up his info on his phone, but Garzon waved it off, saying, “It’s got to be paper.” (It doesn’t. Florida changed the law a year ago.)

Finally, Garzon tore off three tickets: one for the insurance, one for having an out-of-state license plate, and one for not wearing a seat belt. Baldelomar says he was wearing his seat belt the whole time and is still legally a resident of Massachusetts.

When Baldelomar asked where his noise violation was, Garzon told him to take off and not to get “smart.”

But Baldelomar says he’s not backing off. He refused to sign the bogus tickets and plans to fight them in court. He also says he’ll file a complaint against Garzon.

“I’m educated. I know my rights. And I speak English, so I can fight this,” he points out. “But what about when this happens to someone who’s not so lucky? Policing has to change in this country.”

So….lawyer-in-the-making Cesar has a point? Or should he know better that rockin’ 25 year old anti-cop anthems might get him into trouble?

Source: Riptide 2.0


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