Amazing Photos Of Miami From A Helicopter by Van Styles & South Beach Helicopters – (18 Photos)



Over the Art Basel fiasco-ness, this happened. Instgrammer Van Styles and his occasional partner in crime 13th Witness, were given a tour of Miami and South Beach from above via the good folks at South Beach Helicopters. And the result? Tons of great images of our beautiful city.

If you can’t identify every area that each of these photos show…then you aren’t a true 305 representative. But if you can, pat yourself on the back and have a beer!

Otherwise, again, great photos taken from above. And South Beach Helicopters offers great prices and packages to similar trips as well. Click here for that info.

HINT HINT: And SBH if you’re reading this, hook your boys up at The305 with one of these tours.

Photos by Van Styles for The Hundreds

aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-13 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-01 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-02 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-03 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-04 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-05 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-06 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-07 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-08 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-09 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-10 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-11 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-12aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-14 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-15 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-16 aerial-shots-of-miami-south-beach-helicopters-17


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